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Research Evaluation and Monitoring Cell (REMC)


All research proposals can now be applied online. Applicants can also check the application status and download the permits online.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Application to be made to Forest Environment and Wildlife Management Department (FEWMD), at least two months before the proposed date of commencement of field work and submitted along with Form-1 or Form- 2.
  2. All research proposals received by the Forest Environment and Wildlife Management Department (FEWMD), Government of Sikkim / Sikkim Biodiversity Board will be routed through the Research, Evaluation and Monitoring Cell (REMC) of FEWMD.
  3. Permission for research will be issued only after obtaining views/recommendation of REMC of FEWMD.
  4. The Organization / Institution / Individual permitted by the FEWMD, Government of Sikkim / Sikkim Biodiversity Board to collect specimens from Sikkim, should not give the collected materials to anyone or any institution/organization/individual without permission of the FEWMD, Government of Sikkim.
  5. Specimen/ Sample collection should be restricted to two numbers each of only those species for which permit is issued and specimen collection should be reported in Form-3 with GPS Coordinates to FEWMD before the researchers leave the State.
  6. Collected specimens should be used purely for research and must not be used / allowed for use for commercial purposes without the knowledge and consent of the FEWMD, Sikkim Biodiversity Board, relevant Biodiversity Management Committee (for future Access and Benefit Sharing or ABS mechanism) and approval/permission of National Biodiversity Authority, under a formal Memorandum of Understanding.
  7. For plant specimens one full set of plant specimens, properly mounted, identified and labeled correctly will be deposited with the Sikkim State Forest Herbarium, Forest Secretariat.
  8. Relevant provisions relating to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) under the relevant Acts and Rules are to be followed.
  9. The Organization / Institution / Individual should share all research findings with the FEWMD, Government of Sikkim and submit the copies of all reports relating to the research findings which are submitted to the Funding Agency to FEWMD as well.
  10. Copies of all publications arising out of the research should be submitted to the PCCF cum Principal Secretary and Principal Research Officer, FEWMD in hard and soft formats and the FEWMD should be duly acknowledged in all such publications.
  11. For research projects beyond one year, and specifically based in/on Sikkim, at least 50% of research scholars should be sourced locally from within Sikkim.
  12. The Organization / Institution / Individual may also collaborate with Department of Science & Technology, Government of Sikkim or Sikkim University for research activities wherever possible.
  13. Following permission, the Organization / Institution / Individual shall liaise with concerned DFOs before starting fieldwork for proper coordination of field work and any assistance and inform the area DFO on completion of field works before leaving the field.
  14. The Organization / Institution / Individual shall not be entitled to collect the endangered species / rare threatened species / high valued plant except when permitted to do so by the competent authority.
  15. Organization / Institution / Individual shall not be entitled to patent anything related to wild / domesticated diversity of Sikkim without the approval of the FEWMD / Sikkim Biodiversity Board.
  16. Any action detrimental to the natural resources, forest areas and wildlife is cognizable under the Sikkim Forest Water Courses and Road Reserve (Preservation and Protection) Act, 1988; Indian Biological Diversity Act, 2002; Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 and Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 and other relevant Acts.
  17. Organization / Institution / Individual will adhere to Do’s and Don’ts in regards to the protection of biodiversity of the region and will be energy sufficient regarding provision of cooking, water, etc. No camp fires are allowed.
  18. Organization / Institution / Individual shall declare the Research Project cost in their Application.
  19. Organization / Institution / Individual shall ensure that admissible / entry fees or any other levy in Forest and Wildlife Protected Areas are deposited with the competent authority.
  20. FEWMD reserves the right of cancellation of Research permit without assigning any reason thereof.

I have Read the Terms & Conditions Mandatory

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