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Biodiversity of Sikkim - Exploring and Conserving a Global Hotspot

M. L. Arrawatia, IFS
Sandeep Tambe, IFS

Published by
Information and Public Relations Department
Government of Sikkim

[Total Pages: 542]

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[ June, 2011 ]


Official Release of the Book by the Hon'ble Chief Minister- Sikkim, Shri. Pawan Chamling during the World Environment Day Celebration at Chintan Bhawan, Gangtok on 5th June 2011

» Introduction and Contents
Chapter 1
» Sikkim Himalaya: Unique Features of Biogeography and Ecology
    G.S. Rawat and Sandeep Tambe [Pg 1-12]
Chapter 2
» Lichen Diversity in Sikkim
    G. P. Sinha and T.A. M. Jagadeesh Ram [Pg 13-28]
Chapter 3
» Mushrooms in Biodiversity and Food Security of Sikkim
    Tasvina R. Borah and H. Rahman [Pg 29-42]
Chapter 4
» Pteridophytic Wealth of Sikkim Himalaya
    B. S. Kholia [Pg 43-64]
Chapter 5
» Flowering Plants of Sikkim
    P. Singh and M. Sanjappa [Pg 65-88]
Chapter 6
» Trees of Sikkim
    S. S. Dash and P. Singh [Pg 89-124]
Chapter 7
» The Orchid Diversity in Sikkim and Effect of Change of Environment on the Distribution of Native Orchids in Sikkim Himalaya, India
    S. Z. Lucksom [Pg 125-148]
Chapter 8
» Alpine Vegetation of the Khangchendzonga Landscape, Sikkim Himalaya: Community Characteristics, Diversity and Aspects of Ecology
    Sandeep Tambe and G.S. Rawat [Pg 149-164]
Chapter 9
» Non-Timber Forest Produce: Utilization, Distribution and Status in the Khangchendzonga Biosphere Reserve, Sikkim, India
    Nakul Chettri and Eklabya Sharma [Pg 165-180]
Chapter 10
» Insect Diversity of Sikkim, India
    Kailash Chandra [Pg 181- 206]
Chapter 11
» Butterflies of Sikkim with Reference to Elevational Gradient in Species, Abundance Composition, Similarity and Range Size Distribution
    Bhoj Kumar Acharya and Lalitha Vijayan [Pg 207-220]
Chapter 12
» Fish Biodiversity as an Indicator of Riverine Status of Sikkim
    Saroj Toppo, H. Rahman and N. Haque [Pg 221-232]
Chapter 13
» An Overview of the Herpetofauna of Sikkim with Emphasis on Elevational Distribution Pattern and Threats and Conservation Issues
    Basundhara Chettri, Bhoj Kumar Acharya and S. Bhupathy [Pg 233-254]
Chapter 14
» The Birds of Sikkim: An Analysis of Elevational Distribution, Endemism and Threats
    Bhoj Kumar Acharya and Lalitha Vijayan [Pg 255-280]
Chapter 15
» Eleven Priority Areas for Conservation: Important Bird Areas of Sikkim
    Usha Ganguli-Lachungpa, Asad R. Rahmani and M. Zafar-ul Islam [Pg 281-300]
Chapter 16
» Galliformes of Khangchendzonga Biosphere Reserve, Sikkim, India
    S. Sathyakumar, K. Poudyal, T. Bashir and T. Bhattacharya [Pg 301-314]
Chapter 17
» Mammalian Wealth of Sikkim
    Rina Chakraborty [Pg 315-326]
Chapter 18
» Mammals of the Khangchendzonga Biosphere Reserve, Sikkim, India
    S. Sathyakumar, T. Bashir, T. Bhattacharya and K. Poudyal [Pg 327-350]
Chapter 19
» Ecology and Conservation of Ungulates in Tso Lhamo, North Sikkim
    Pranav Chanchani, G. S. Rawat and S. P. Goyal [Pg 351-362]
Chapter 20
» Status of Red Panda in Sikkim: A Case Study in East Sikkim
    Partha S. Ghose, Basant K. Sharma, Rajarshi Chakraborty and Karma Legshey [Pg 363-378]
Chapter 21
» Opportunities and Challenges of the Globally Important Traditional Agriculture Heritage Systems of the Sikkim Himalaya
    Ghanashyam Sharma and Tara Devi Dhakal [Pg 379-402]
Chapter 22
» Agrobiodiversity of Sikkim
    H. Rahman and R.Karuppaiyan [Pg 403-426]
Chapter 23
» Agricultural Scenario vis-à-vis the Pollinator Elements of the Sikkim Himalayan Region
    K.K. Singh, K. S. Gaira and L.K. Rai [Pg 427-440]
Chapter 24
» Ecology, Economics and Equity of Pastoral Systems in Khangchendzonga National Park
    Sandeep Tambe and G. S. Rawat [Pg 441-460]
Chapter 25
» Scripting a Scientific Working Plan for Sikkim Forest
     Karma Zimpa [Pg 461-480]
Chapter 26
» Assessing the Priorities for Sustainable Forest Management in the Sikkim Himalaya, India: A Remote Sensing Based Approach
    Sandeep Tambe, Narpati Sharma and M. L. Arrawatia [Pg 481-492]
Chapter 27
» Green Governance: Policies, Programmes and Future Plan of the Forestry Sector of Sikkim
    Sonam Topden Lachungpa [Pg 493-528]
Chapter 28
» Facilitating Regional Cooperation Through Development of Conservation Corridors in the Khangchendzonga Landscape
    Nakul Chettri, Bandana Shakya and Eklabya Sharma [Pg 529-542]

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