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801A Pardise for animal 50 years of Nehru Zoological park 2013 of Andhra Pradesh forest DepartmentNA
802A Pardise for animal 50 years of Nehru Zoological park 2013of Andhra Pradesh forest DepartmentNA
803A Pardise for animal 50 years of Nehru Zoological park of Andhra Pradesh forest DepartmentNA
804A Pardise for animal 50 years of Nehru Zoological park of Andhra Pradesh forest DepartmentNA
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926Water Conservation for Future GenerationsDr.S.C.Jain & Dr (Mrs) H.K. Parwana.
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944Young in Green action.NA
945Schedule of Rates for Biological activities(Effective from 01.04 2008)NA
946Empowerment & prosperity through Biodiversity conservation in sikkimNA
947Traclitional herbal healers of sikkimNA
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1057Autter purvachal Bharati vol no iii No 9Dhiraj Pradhan
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1061India forest service 2007NA
1062India forest service 2007NA
1063India forest service 2007NA
1064India forest service 2007NA
1065India forest service 2007NA
1066India forest service 2007NA
1067Indian forest service 2006.NA
1068Down to earth februry 2008NA
1069Down to earth September 2008NA
1070Down to earth September 2008NA
1071Down to earth November 2009NA
1072Down to earth January 2009NA
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1075Government of sikkim Demans for grants(2008_09) marchNA
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1101Indian forest services civil list_2007 GOI,MOE & F.NA
1102Project entitled national mission for a green India.NA
1103Tasks for each department for 100 days chief ministu office Gos.NA
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1106Proceedings of the sikkim legisletive assembly(verbatum)NA
1107A Guide to britains largest forest enterpliseNA
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1109Community forestry(issue 24/june2011)NA
1110Inventory of animals and animals profile of wild animals species in IndiaNA
1111A hand book on agro-technique of important species if medicinal plant of sikkim.NA
1112Convention on international trade annual report 2006Go I,Moe&FNA
1113State green mission &Ten mintues to earth sikkim forestryNA
1114Indian forest service-2006 Govt of India.NA
1115Govt of India ministry of personel,public Grievano and pensions department.NA
1116Govt of India ministry of peronel,public Grievano and pensions department.NA
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1118Draft forter, sustainable and moo inclusive growthNA
1119Good Agricultural and collection practices for medicinal plants Ifad.NA
1120Study on quantilative incentuy of sikkim based NTFP.NA
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1122Vision 2030-National Research Centre for Agro-ForestryNA
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1142Workshop on criteria & indicators approach for sustainable forest management in sikkim 2007-
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1145ENVIS Institutional Node Grassland Ecosystem & Agroforestry-
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1159Teh Orchids of Sikkim and North East Himalaya S.Z Lucksom
1160Law relating & environmental pollutin & protectionDr. N. Mahesh wara swamy
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1162Drafted chargesheets on various misconducts of employeesAshok kumar kuba
1163Aboriginal man & white man as historical couses of fires in the Borea; forest....Harold J Lutz
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1178The Biological Diversity Act 2002 & Rules 2004-
1179Wastelands in India N.C Gautam
1180Proceding of the Sikkim Legislative Assembly-
1181Biblo-graphy of the birds of North India-
1182Perspectives of Geoinformatics in Forest fire Management-
1183Micropropagation of Bamboo (Training Mamal)-
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1215An Annotated Bibliography of spike disease of sandal.N.K.Mathur.
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1224Indian Forest records(Botany)common grasses.N.L.Bar.
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1228Parliament of India Rajya Sabha-demands for grants 2002-2003.---
1229The world Zoo conservation strategy.--
1230Profile of SPED Activities act.1989.--
1231sates of hydrolic & sediment monitoring data complation & analysis for s/shed---
1232sates of hydrolic & sedimentt monitoring data complation & analysis for s/shed---
1233Van Vigyan(Journal of the society of Indian Forester)--
1234Sikkim State Annual Plan 1989-90---
1235Sikkim State Annual Plan 189-90---
1236Sikkim weights & measure Rules 1984--
1237Parayavaran Abstracts.--
1238Environment in the Indian Parliament :Budget session.--
1239Environment in the Indian Parliament:An analysis Rajya sabha-Windter session 2005----
1240Environment in eIndian parliament :Lok sabha Winder session.---
1241Environment in Indian Parliament: Lok Sabha monsoon session-2005-
1242Environment ii Indian Parliament: An analysis L/S Buget session-2005-
1243Forests and Wildliffe in India--
1244Environmental Resources Abstracts- -
1245National Wildlife Action Plan-----
1246Forest Tree impro9vement Research in the south & south/east.Keith W. Dorman
1247Forest Tree impro9vement Research in the south & south/east.--
1248Hundred years of Forestry in Andamans.--
1249W/shed manag. & Hydrologic sediment minitoring in catchment of River vally projects.--
1250Eco-Dev. in Southern Mysore:A historical perspective.B.V.Krishna murti
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1252Joint management of Forest lands.--
1253Eastern Forest Rangers college Association Kursong--
1254Environmental guidelines for Dev. of Beaches---
1255Conservation & Adaptive management of medicinal plants-A participatory model.---
1256Medicinal plants community centre model for primary health care.---
1257World list of institutions engaged in forestry & forest products reasearch.FAO
1258Greening Delhi Action Plan 2006-07--
1259Capacity building programmes for the forest officers during 2006-07.--
1260Silkworm rearing & dieases of silkworms.---
1261Eliciting public support for wildlife conservation---
1262Land & water management problems in India.---
1263My Forest.---
1264A handbook monitoring & Evaluation of Agriculture & Rural Dev. Projects.---
1265The Indian Forest Memoirs(Indian wood & their uses)R.S,Troup
1266The Assam Directory---
1267Hamara Samuhik Vavishwa.---
1268Sikkim Govt. & polittics----
1269Sikkim financial rules1979GoS Finance Deptt.
1270Sikkim financial rules1979GoI Finance Deptt.
1271Indian Electricity Act 1910Hemant Nayar.
1272Guide to Departmental promotions,Enquiries, punishments& Appeals.A.S.Bhatnagar.
1273Future Landscapes.anobn
1274Bio-gwography an ecological & evolutionary aprrroach.C.Barry cox.
1275Trees of the Sikkim Hills (A guide to the identification of species)L.K.Rai
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1284Environmental Law & Citizen actionAlam Murdia
1285Environmental Law & Citizen actionAlam Murdie.
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13081000 Environment Quiz Dilip M. Salwi.
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1314Khas-Jaati ko Ethiyasanon
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1316Data Book of World Lake Env.(a survey of the State of World Lakes.)anon
1317Nepali samalochna saheteya -Ran Krishna Rama ko Yokdan.anon
1319Sikkim paraya-paryatan prashikshan pustika.anon
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132212th years of Bhandari Govt.(An Apprraisal of Achievements).anon
1323A guide to a successful computerisation.anon
1325Kants Philosoghy of Mathemjatics.anon
1326Hamra Prachin Nari.anon
1327Pari Jaat.anon
1328Sikkim manwa vikas.anon
1329Sikkim the people visionAnon
1330Ecological principles(A basis for a quality life)Anon
1331Law relating to Emergency & Internal security in IndiaP.Muthuswamy
1332Energy from BiomasOP.Vimal&P.D.Tyagi.
1333Introduction to Inian Govt. Accounts & Audit.P.Muthuswamy
1334Code of Civil procedure.Annonymous
1335Civil Service Regulations relating to salary, leave, pension& travelling allowance.Annonymous
1336Removal & Dismissal of Govt. Servants.Annonymous
1337Cattle Trespass Act 1871 along with prevention of cruelty to animals act 1960R.B.Sethi.
1338Ecosociety(A historical study of Ecologiclal man.Robert A.de. J.Hart.
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1340Chemistry & Technology of Katha & Cutch(Catechu Tannic Acid)ManufacturingO.P.Sherma.
1341Project Evaluation (Benifit cost Analysis)Forest ValuationModan Mohan Pant.
1342Field Implementation of Rural Dev. Projects(A case study)Annonymous
1343Woodworking machineryAnnoymous
1344Elements of Forest Fire Control.Annoymous
1345North Eastern Hills Regions of India problems & prospects of Dev.ed.by T.Mathew.
1346Forest Cridit in the United States(A survery of needs & facilities.Annonymous
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1377A mannual of Forest Engineering for India.Charles Gilbert Rogers.
1378Industrial Factory and Labour codeannoymous
1379Industrial Factory and Labour code.annoymous
1380Fundamental Rules & supplementary Rules.Dr.S.K.Awasthi
1381Contract Act & law relating ot tenders etc. R.B.Sethi & b.Malik.
1382Conveyancing(A theoretical & practical study of conveyancing draftmanship in india.C.C. Anajwala
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1385Law of Forest in India 2000R.N.Choudry
1386Registration Act 2002Annoymous
1387All India Services ManualR.N.Mishra
1388All India Service law DigestAnnoymous
1389All India Service Law DigestAnnoymous
1390Pennal Law of IndiaDr.Hari Sigh Gaur
1391Supreme Court Service & Labour ReporterAnnoyomous
1392Administrative Tribunals CasesAnnoymous
1393Criminal Minor ActsC.Behari
1394Criminal Major ActsP.K.Mukherjee
1395Development planning lessons of experience.Albert Waterston
1396law relating to Criminal Breach of Trust Misappropriation & Embezzlement 1972 Efaz Ahmad.
1397India (A reference annual 1963)anonymous
1398The wealth of India (A dictionary of Indian raw materials && industriual products)anonymous
1399Wildlife management techniques.anonymous
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1401Wildlife Crime ( An eenforcement dguide)Goi
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1439Margery fish carefree gardening.anonymous
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1441Integrating Agriculture & Forestryanonymous
1442Pests,Pathogens&Vegetation(role of weed & wild plants in the ecology of crop pests&disease).anonymous
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1447The nature of Human Behaviouranonymous
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1449The Butterflies of Sikkim Himalaya & their Natural History.anonymous
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1454Birds of Burma.B.E.Smythies
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1458Vegetable crops in indiaanonymous
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1460Ecological & Anatomical Marvels lof the Himalayan Orchids.Purshotam Kaushik.
1461Role of edult education in development.Alok Rawat.
1462Remote sensing in ecologyanonymous
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1469Tectonic Geology of the Himalaya.anonymous
14701979,Yearbook of Forest products annuaire des products forestiers.anonymous
1471Pandit Govind Ballabh pant(Selected photograps)anonymous
1472Saving the anonymous
1473Contemporary Geoscientifi8c Researches in Himalaya.anonymous
1474Modern weed Science O.P Gupta
1475Employment its terms & conditions(In public & private sectors)B.R.Ghaiye
1476Forestry in India A.P.Dwivedi
1477Police diaries, statement non
1478Improvement of Forest Biomass.P.k.khosla
1479Commentaries on ,water,,air pollution & env,(protection) law.anonymous
1480Industrial factory & labour codeanonymous
1481Fundamental rules & supplementary rules Dr.S.K.Awasthi
1482Contract act & law relating to tenders etc.anonymous
1483Contract act & law relating to tenders etc.anonymous
1484Conveyancing(a theoretical 7 practical study of conveyancing draftmanship in india.anonymous
1485Conveyancing Draftsman & Interpretation of Deeds etc.anonymous
1486Labour manual (vol.I,II)anonymous
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1488Registration Act 2002anonymous
1489All india services manualanonymous
1490All india service law manualnon
1491all india service law digest.anonymous
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1493pannal law of india vol. 1to4anonymous
1494suprime court service & labour reporteranonymous
1495administrative tribunals casesanonymous
1496criminal minor actsnon
1497criminal major actsnon
1498Commentaries on conduct rules A.S.Bhatnagar.
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1501Planned management of forestN.V.Brasnett.
1502Forest companionA.R.Maslekar.
1503German forestryFranz Heske.
1504Planning & control in the managed forest Hermann Knuchel.
1505Forest working plans in india.W.E.Darcy.
1506Chemistry & technology of katha(catechin)cutch(catechu tannic acid) manufacturing.O.P.Sherma
1507Forest UtilizationTribhawan mehta
1508Forest UtilizationTribhawan mehta
1509A manual of forest mensurationR.S.Troup.
1510Indian forest utilization R.S.Troup.
1511The management of forestsF.C.Osmaston
1512A manual of Forest Engineering of India.vol. I,II,III.Charles Gilbert Rogers.
1513A test book on Forest ManagementM.R.K.Jerram.
1514The Avifauna of British India vol. I,II. James a. murray.
1515Wildlife management techniques Robert h.giles.
1516A manual of Indian Timbers J.S.Gamble
1517Commercial timbers of india vol. I.II R.S.Pearson
1518The silviculture of Indian Trees. R.S Troup.
1519the commercial products of indiasir george watt.
1520sikkim manwa bekas mahandra p.lama
1521All india services manual r.n.mishra
1522contract act & law relating to tenders etc 1976-77 vol. II,III.r.b.sethi & b.malik.
1523Fundamental rules & supplementary rules 1999 vol I,II Dr.s.k.awasthi
1524Khas jati ko etheyas bal-krishna pokrel.
1525Improvement of forest biomassp.k.khosla
1526Conveyancing Draftsman Interprertation of Deeds ect.1975 vol 1,2,4.n.s bindra
1527Conveyancing Draftsman Interprertation of Deeds ect.1975 vol 1,2,4.n.s bindra
1528Conveyancing-A theoreticak & practical study of conveyancing draftmanship in india.c.c.anajwala
1529All India Service Law Digest k.p chakravarti
1530The Registration Act 2002K.rao
1531Labour manual 1982 vol 1,2 Deepak Bagga.
1532Law of Forest in India 2000R.N.Choudhary
1533Criminal major acts 2000 P.K.mukherjee
1534penal law of india,1974,vol,1,2,3,4Dr,Hari singh gour
1535criminal minor acts 1972,vol 2,3,4,5,jagdish lal
1536criminal major actsp.k.mukherjee
1537North Eastern Hill Regions of India,-problems & prospects of dev.T.Mathew.
1538North Eastern Hill Regions of India,-problems & prospects of dev.T.Mathew.
1539Fuel wood from wastelandsO.P.vimal
1540Energy from Biomass O.P.vimal
1541Pal-vipalOm Goswami
1542A dictionary of the economic products of india George watt.
1543A guide to successful computerisation Rajes verma.
1544Hamra prachin NariMadanmani Dixit.
1545A test book on forest management M.R.K.Jerram
1546Forest utilization Tribhawan mehta.
1547Principles of American Forestry Samuel b.Green
1548The management of forests.F.C.Osmaston.
1549Planning & control in managed forest.H.Knuchel.
1550Gaw Ghar ra dash pradish K.P.mall.
1551Sikkim Himalayas ecology & resource development.M.K.Bhasin,Veena Bhasin.
1552An outline of Norwegian Forestry Knut skinnemoen
1553Forestry in India(a critical study)G.S.Padhi
1554Feeds & FoddersRajase vasakta.
1555The cultivation of lac in the plains of india(Luccifer lacca,Kerr.)C.S.Misra.
1556Intruduction to indian govt.accounts and audit.P.Muthuswamy
1557Farm managementA.E.Bruce fielding.
1558Cattle tresspass act 1871 along with prevention of crulty to animals act 1960R.B.Sethi.
1559Emergency & internal security in india.S.L.Bahl.
1560Employees provident funds act 1952 S.L.Bahl.
1561Code of civil procedure 1908. Deepak Bagga.
1562Code of civil procedure 1908. Deepak Bagga.
1563Trade union dataJ.n.mulik
1564Trade union dataJ.n.mulik
1565Trade union law J.N.Mallik
1566Commentaries on MISA& conservation of foreign exchange &PoSA Act 1974Dr.B.Malik.
1567Development planning lessions of experience.Albert waterston
1568Criminal breach of trust,misappropriation& embezzlement.1972Ejaz ahmad

Total Number of Books = 1568